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    Appliance Allstars is continuing to grow and we are looking to add some talented staff to our team. We take pride in providing the highest level of customer service achievable, operating with integrity as well as speed and accuracy.

    Below is a list of open available positions. Feel free to see if any appear to be a good match for your skills and interests. To apply, fill out the form and if our team has interest in learning more, they will reach out to you directly.

  • Careers FAQ

    How long has Appliance Allstars been around?

    We opened in January 2018 as Appliance Allstars. In July 2018 we incorporated the business and relocated from Florida to Georgia due to our goals of expanding coverage to a larger area. Ray Gordon Jr is the founder and our current company President.

    What happens after I submit my resume and cover letter?

    After we receive your resume and cover letter we will review your qualifications to determine if they match the requirements of our open position. If we are satisfied with your submission you will be contacted by one of our hiring managers to discuss the next steps. If your qualifications do not match our position requirements we will retain your application according to state guidelines.

    How can I get a better chance of getting an interview?

    Our hiring managers want to know as much as possible prior to scheduling an interview. Here are some of the following checks that are made when reviewing a resume:

    • Month and year of employment in work histories, plus an explanation in any gaps of employment
    • Years of attendance/graduation of any education, volunteer work, certificates obtained
    • Current contact information
    • Presentation and format of resume
    • Any links to social media profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    Additionally, after submitting a resume, hand delivering a second copy in person will ensure you get remembered and offers a great opportunity to check to see if we’ve had time to review yours yet.

    How should I prepare for an interview?

    Get to know us by reviewing our website, social media outlets, videos, reviews, etc. Be ready to discuss not only your strengths, but developmental needs as well. We want to know your accomplishments, goals, and what your expectations are. Ask questions and be yourself!

    How much can I expect to earn?

    Each employee will be compensated for Sick Days, Accrued vacation, and Holiday Pay. As far as wages, you can expect the following:

    Technicians: This is entirely up to you. You will earn a base hourly rate which will range from:

    • $15-20/hr to start 1-2 years experience
    • $18-25/hr with 3-5 years experience
    • $20-30/hr with 5+ years experience

    In addition to the hourly you will aiming to hit commission which is determined by the amount of labor sold per day. Our competitive, commission-based plan allows you to earn more through add-on sales at the homes of residential customers.

    Office Support Staff: At Appliance Allstars we promote from within. When you get hired with us you will be hired at an entry level position in one of three departments; inventory, customer service, or accounting. There are vast opportunities to climb the ladder, get pay increases, and ultimately advance yourself into a management position if that is what you desire. The quality of your work and eagerness will be the determining factors in your success at Appliance Allstars.




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